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Typical premiums cost between 3 and 5 per cent of the rent you are protecting but they do vary widely. As ever it is important to shop around for a decent policy – or to get a decent broker or intermediary to do the job for you. Two big trade bodies offer lists of authorised brokers: the British Insurance Brokers Association at www.biba.org.uk or the Institute of Insurance Brokers at www.iib-uk.com. If you find a company independently it will pay to check them out before giving them any money. Firms need to be authorised to sell insurance and you should click on the Financial Services Authority’s Firm Checker facility at www.fsa.gov.uk to find out if the company you plan to use has passed the relevant tests. If they suggest one of the major insurance companies then you may feel comfortable enough to go right ahead. But if they suggest a smaller, specialist insurer you’ve not heard of before then you can check its credentials by using the Member Search facility from the Association of British Insurers at www.abi.org.uk.