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This is the stand-alone policy that will help you out if your tenants suddenly become a problem. This might happen because they lose their jobs and become unable to pay the rent, for example. They may simply decide to stop paying. They may break their lease terms in other ways yet refuse to leave. Or they may disappear without paying what they owe. In most cases specific rent insurance should be able to help. All policies vary but most agree to pay the rent on behalf of the problem tenants for up to a year. During this time your insurer will also help and pay for the legal side of eviction process so you get vacant possession of your property as soon as possible. Interestingly enough, anecdotal evidence from landlords suggests that bad tenants take eviction proceedings more seriously if they come from major companies like insurers than if they are started by individual buy-to-let owners. So it should pay to have plenty of fire power on your side.